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Adaptation workshops: Onboarding at the UW & Cultural Orientation in Poland

We invite long-term international students to super handy and interesting workshops regarding:

  1. “Onboarding at the University of Warsaw” workshop:
  • DAY: September 26th, 2023
  • TIME: 3.00pm – 7.15 pm CET
  • PLACE: Dobra 56/66, The Volunteer Centre of The University of Warsaw
  1. Cultural Orientation in Poland” workshop:
  • DAY:  October 5th, 2023
  • TIME: 3.00pm – 7.15 pm CET
  • PLACE: Dobra 56/66, The Volunteer Centre of The University of Warsaw


  1. “Onboarding at the University of Warsaw” workshop on September 26th, 2023
  • Culture Shock / Acculturation Stress
  • Participants’ experience discussion
  • University of Warsaw – academic values 
  • Practical tips about the basic rules of communication in Polish academia
  • What to expect while studying at Polish University
  • How to effectively build trust and cooperation with Polish university staff
  1. Cultural Orientation in Poland” workshop on October 5th, 2023
  • Polish culture – an overview, national and every-day symbols 
  • Most common behavior and communication styles
  • Polish dos and don’ts
  • Living in Warsaw
  • Significant Polish Contexts: historical, geographical, cultural one
  • Important Polish Dates and Traditions

Both workshops include a coffee break for its participants, financed by ZIP programme.

The attendees are obliged to participate in the event from the start till the end.


These two workshops are financed by ZIP programme and dedicated specifically to full-time and long-term:

  • 2nd and 3rdyear BA (undergraduate) students
  • all MA(post-graduate) students,
  • 4th and 5th yearlong-cycle students.


  • The same set of workshops for all international students and PhD students (of all years, short-term or long-term) will take place on the 18th of October (Onboarding at UW) and 7th of November (Cultural Orientation).
  • More details coming soon on our website (


Participation in the workshops is free of charge, but requires prior registration and filling in ZIP project declaration.

To register, please fill out the form corresponding to your workshop of choice:

Registration deadline: September 18th, 10.00 am

Registration deadline: September 25th, 10.00 am

Questions, doubts?

Please contact us at


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